Who We Are

Maidment Tankers have been designing, manufacturing and constructing tankers since 1981.

Since our beginning we have grown into a successful and well recognised company.

Utilising stainless steel and mild steel we have customers who are leaders in their respective industries.

We can provide you with a full range of inspection and testing services for all our customers.

These accreditations mean that we can combine our expert knowledge and efficient production times to give you a premium service.

Under construction Under construction

Stainless Steel Tanks under Construction in our Tank Shop

We can also maintain your tankers with a supply of equipment spares and we have a body repair and paint shop including a 40 foot oven.

We specialise in the manufacture of the following tankers:

If your tanker is not listed, we can provide you with a quality service to meet your specific requirements.

Find out more by calling us on 01903 717122 or email sales@maidment-tankers.co.uk.